This is the most extensive website about George Washington on the internet with the largest collection of paintings, engravings, lithographs and other depictions of George Washington for the use of students, teachers and professors.  To go to the beginning of this website, go to

The purpose of this website created by Kristin Hopper is to assist students and teachers who are studying George Washington by providing them with as many of the paintings, prints, etchings and drawings made of George Washington as possible to use in their projects and presentations.  It has literally taken me years to collect all of these depictions of George Washington and events related to his life.   I did so for a research paper that I did on George Washington that received an award for being the best researched and documented paper at the Loudoun County Regional Social Science Fair – and which I hope to eventually hope to have published as a book.  But what got me interested in George Washington was some of the paintings of him that I had seen over the years.  I think one way that students can learn more about the founding of our country and the making of our Constitution is through having access to more visual resources that stimulate their interest.  And of all the founding fathers, I think the most interesting is George Washington – which is why I have thus created this website to provide visual resources on George Washington for the use of students and teachers.  Many of the photographs I have included are ones that I have personally taken.  For such photographs, I reserve all my copyright rights but hereby grant permission for their use in student educational projects that are not used for commercial purposes.  I begin my website with the genealogy and ancestors of George Washington and conclude with some of the first biographies written about Washington after his death – as well as illustrations that visually depict the accomplishments and legacy of George Washington. Above is an painting of George Washington by Charles Willson Peale.  Please also visit my website about the genealogy of the U.S. Presidents at

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