Two of George Washington’s Earliest Ancestors Were Brian Boru, Last High King of Ireland and Duncan I, King of Scotland

Brian Boru, Last High King of Ireland


Duncan I, King of Scotland

Two of George Washington’s earliest ancestors were Brian Boru, Last High King of Ireland and Duncan I, son of Crinan, Abbot of Dunkeld, Iona, Scotland. Brian Boru is considered the greatest of all ancient kings of Ireland.   Duncan I, on the other hand, was born on August 15, 1001  and died on August 15, 1040.  He was the King of Scotland and Strathclyde from 1034 to 1040.  Today, he is best remembered as a result of Shakespeare’s play “Macbeth,” with Duncan being betrayed and murdered by his cousin Macbeth after Duncan had conferred upon MacBeth the title of Thane of  Cawdor.  When King Owen of the Britons subsequently died without a heir, Duncan’s  eldest son Malcolm III Canemore became king.  Malcolm married Margaret Atheling, the daughter of Edward Atheling “the Exile” and the granddaughter of Edmund II “Ironsides”, King of England, thus uniting the Scottish royal lineage with the English royal lineage.  Edward Atheling married Agatha of Hungary, a descendant of both the Anglo-Saxon king Afred “the Great” who is created with uniting England and Charlemagne – thus making George Washington also a descendant of both King Alfred “the Great” of England, King Edward I of England, and Charlemagne.

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