George Washington’s Grandmother – Mildred Warner

George Washington’s paternal grandmother was Mildred Warner.  She was born at Warner Hall, the family home in Gloucester County, Virginia.  Her father, Colonel Augustine Warner, Jr. (1642- June 19, 1681) was a member of the Virginia House of Burgesses and both before and after Bacon’s Rebellion in 1676 and 1677 served as Speaker of the House.  He then served on the Governor’s Council from October 1677 until his death.   Her sister Elizabeth Warner married John Lewis, from whom both Fielding Lewis, who was to marry George Washington’s sister Betty, and Meriwether Lewis (the leader of the Lewis and Clark expedition) are descended.  From her mother, Mildred Reade, both her and her grandson George Washington can trace their ancestors back to most of the kings of England.  With her first husband, Lawrence Washington, she had three children:  John, Augustine and Mildred.  After the death of her first husband Lawrence in 1698, she remarried in 1700 to George Gale of  Whitehaven, England.  Unfortunately, after relocating to Whitehaven, she soon contracted a fever and died on January 30, 1701.

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