George Washington’s Father – Augustine Washington

George Washington with his father – Augustine Washington

George Washington with his father at his father’s iron furnace (one of the first in America) near Fredericksburg, Virginia.  As such, George Washington’s father Augustine Washington was one of the first individuals to initiate industrialization in America

Grave of Augustine Washington – George Washington’s father – at Washington cemetery plot

Signature of Augustine Washington – father of George Washington

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George Washington’s father was Augustine Washington (1694-April 12, 1743).  Like his future son, George, he was known for his height and strength.   He was born in Westmoreland County, Virginia, the son of Lawrence Washington and Mildred Warner.  He was only four years old when his father died.  Upon his father’s death, he inherited about 1,000 acres at the family’s Bridges Creek plantation while his sister Mildred inherited the family’s Little Hunting Creek Plantation.  In 1715 he married Jane Butler and in 1718 he purchased land on Popes Creek adjoining his land on Bridges Creek and built a new house called Wakefield there.  In the ame year, he purchased the Little Hunting Creek (later renamed Mount Vernon) property from his sister Mildred.  With his first wife Jane Butler, he had four children, only two of whom (Lawrence and Augustine Jr.) lived to adulthood.  These two sons (who were the half-brothers of George Washington) Augutine Washington sent to England to be educated.  Augustine Washington himself travelled several times to London to confer with his partners in a iron furnace that he owned and operated on Accokeek Cree in Stafford County, Virginia, which was one of America’s first efforts towards industrialization.  This was an iron furnace that he owned in conjunction with the Principio Company of England.  Augustine Washington was also active in politics, serving as county sheriff and justice of the peace.  After his first wife’s death in 1729, Augustine Washington married 23-year old Mary Ball, with whom he had several more children with George Washington being the oldest.  In 1738, Augustine Washington bought the Ferry Farm plantation across the Rappahannock River from the fledging young town of Fredericksburg, which was where George Washington was to spend most of his childhood.  Augustine Washington bought this property from William Strother and moved his family there in order to be closer to his iron furnace.  Augustine Washington died on April 12, 1743 in King George County, Virginia.

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