George Washington’s Wakefield Plantation, Popes Creek, Westmoreland County, Virginia Birthplace

George Washington was born on February 22, 1732 at his family’s Wakefield Plantation home where Pope’s Creek joins the Potomac River in Westmoreland County, Virginia.  Here, he and his family lived until he was three years old.  George Washington’s great-grandfather John Washington had originally settled on the land at the Bridge’s Creek location in 1657.  Later, the site would also be the home of his grandfather Lawrence Washington and of his father Augustine Washington both with his first wife and then subsequently after her death with his second wife, Mary Ball, who was the mother of George Washington.  The family cemetery plot on Bridge’s Creek contains the graves of George Washingtons’ great-grandfather John Washington, his great-grandfather Lawrence Washington, his father Augustine Washington, his half-brother Lawrence Washington, and some 28 other Washington relatives.  While being politically connected, Washington’s family was of moderate wealth compared to some of the other much more wealthy Virginia families such as the Randolphs, Carters, and Lees.


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