George Washington as a Young Boy

While a young boy, Washington and his family moved from their Wakefield home to Ferry Farm across the Rappahannock River from Fredericksburg, Virginia.  Washington’s father moved his family there in order to be closer to the iron furnance that he owned and operated, with Augustine Washington being one of the first Americans to operate an iron furnance and thus embrace the industrial revolution.  Augustine Washington was prosperous enough to send his sons from his first wife to England to attend school.  Unfortunately, Washington’s father died while George Washington was still young and Washington’s mother did not have the funds to attend school in England.  Instead, Washington was educated by tutors and attending a small local school.  One thing that Washington inherited from his mother, however, was his love and knowledge of horses, with his mother Mary Ball Washington herself being known as a great horse-woman.


~ by americanpresidents on March 14, 2010.

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