George Washington Is Elected As a Delegate to First Continental Congress

Carpenter’s Hall (site of First Continental Congress in Philadelphia)

Illustration of George Washington, Patrick Henry, and Edmund Pendleton On Their Way As Delegates to the First Continental Congress

Along with Patrick Henry, Richard Henry Lee, Richard Bland, Peyton Randolph, Colonel Benjamin Harrison  and Edmund Pendleton, George Washington was elected as a delegate from Virginia to the First Continental Congress.  The First Continental Congress met from September 5 to October 26, 1774 in Carpenter’s Hall in Philadelphia, Pennyslvania.   All of the colonies except George sent delegates.   On October 14th, the Declaration and Resolves were adopted expressing the grievances of the colonies, with Congress voting to meet again in another year if Great Britain failed to address the grievances.    Several days later, on Ooctober 20th, the Congress voted to adopt what was known as The Association, patterned after the Virginia Association, to implement a plan of importation of British goods.

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