George Washington Co-Authors Fairfax Resolves With George Mason And, As a Member of Virginia House of Burgesses in Williamsburg, Becomes One of Leaders of Colonial Protest Over British Taxation

George Mason (George Washington’s Neighbor)

Painting of George Washington at Mount Vernon by Alonzo Chappel

Virginia’s colonial capitol at Williamsburg

Inside Capitol at Williamsburg

Raleigh Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg where George Washington and other delegates to the House of Burgesses met after the Virginia Governor disbanded the House of Burgesses

In response to the British closing the port of Boston after the Boston Tea Party, towns and counties throughout the colonies met to express their support of the citizens of Boston.  Once such meeting was held in Fairfax County, Virginia.  On July 17, 1774, the night before the meeting, George Washington and George Mason met at Mount Vernon and drafted the Fairfax County Resolves, which George Washington then presented at the Fairfax County meeting the following day.  In its “Top Treasures” exhibit, the Library of Congress describes the Fairfax County Resolves as the first clear expression of the constitutional rights of the British American colonists as subjects of the Crown.  After being adopted by the Fairfax Convention, George Washington presentd the Resolves to the Virginia House of Burgesses where they were similarly adopted along with Washington’s proposal that, instead of simply another petititon to the British Crown, that Virginia adopt an Association to boycott the importation of British goods, and encourage all the colonies to form committees of correspondence to communicate with each other and adopt similar Associations for boycotting British goods.

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