George Washington at Dorchester Heights During Seige of Boston

Ultimately, what allowed Washington to drive the British out of Boston was his placement of cannons on Dorchester Heights, making the British position indefensible.  These cannon were obtained by Washington sending Henry Knox to Fort Ticonderoga to drag the cannon from the captured fort back to Boston in the middle of winter.  At first it would seem that this would be an impossible task in winter.  What Washington and Henry Knox figured out, however, was that winter could be an advantage to hauling the cannon back to Boston since the marshes and wetlands would be frozen solid – and giant sleds could be made to drag the cannon back over the ice and snow.  What was just as incredible was how the American army was able to build fortifications on Dorchester Heights and drag the cannons into position in one night, without the British being aware of what the Americans were doing.  When the British woke up the next morning to see the fortifications and cannons on Dorchester Heights, they realized that their position was no longer defensible and soon evacuated Boston.


~ by americanpresidents on March 11, 2010.

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